Owner FAQ

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Short Term Rentals

Getting in touch with Over Sea
You can reach us by telephone and email during our regular office hours. We commit to responding to you within 2 business days. For repairs/maintenance emergencies, we can be reached 24/7 at (902) 407-5208.

What is a spend approval?
A spend approval is the maximum amount Over Sea will spend without seeking your approval. The minimum spend approval is $250. We will only spend money without your approval on contractually-obligated purchases and repairs. This may include heating/cooling repairs, replacement of small appliances, replacement of appliances once deemed at the end of their life, repair of appliances, and more. Most clients set a spend approval of $500 to ensure repairs are expedited.

How do I book personal stays?
Please call us at (902) 407-5208 or email help@oversea.ca with your requested check in date and time, check out date and time, and any special requests. You can pay for the cleaning fee via credit card, or have it held from rental revenue.

Can I offer a discount to friends and family?
Yes! We can set up a discount code for you to offer a set discount to friends and family when they book on NovaScotiaVacations.ca.

Guest refunds
In the event that a guest has a negative experience in one of our suites, we will use our discretion to offer them a refund. The purpose of the refund is to ensure the guest receives full value for their money, which discourages a negative review. We’ve issued refund for unforeseen maintenance issues, as well as bending the rules on our cancellation policies for medical emergencies. If for any reason we could have prevented a refund, we will cover the full refund.

Maintenance protocol
Maintaining short term rentals is the key to a positive guest experience. We maintain our properties to the highest standard. As soon as an issue is identified, a ticket is created in our property management system to track it’s progress. A work order is than sent to the properties preferred vendor (or our team of experts if no preferred vendor is assigned) along with access instructions. Most maintenance issues are dealt with same or next day, however, it may take up to two weeks depending on the priority we’ve assigned to the project. Recurring maintenance such as furnace inspections and pest control are managed as-needed. To submit a maintenance request, please email us.


Things to consider when selling your property

HST obligations for short term rentals

Short Term Rental regulation in Nova Scotia